Solidarizine 2018: zine on the solidarity economy

Our objective for Solidarizine is to raise awareness about the solidarity economy and practices to the greater Wellesley community. Upon surveying the population, we observed that 85% of the student population (from a sample of 95 students) were unaware of the solidarity economy. Thus, we felt it was important to shed light and inform the community on this alternative vision. Instead of an educational brochure or intimidating research paper, we aimed to create a more interactive and easy-to-digest source of the material. By presenting the solidarity economy in a creative and engaging way, we hoped to make this information accessible to everyone. In doing so, it is our goal for other students and community members to engage in the ‘questioning and envisioning’ solidarity process to reflect on alternatives to capitalism.

We see zines as a particularly appropriate form of media to use in raising awareness about the solidarity economy. Historically, zines have been a way for underrepresented or marginalized groups to create a platform for sharing their thoughts when traditional media failed them. Zines are typically homegrown and collaborative by nature, and we see these qualities of the zine as aligning with solidarity economy teachings and practices.

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