Wellesley College Alumnae in Careers with a Conscience

Welcome to the Wellesley College Alumnae in Careers with a Conscience!

Hello, we have created a linkedin group! Below is our purpose and goal.


Our purpose is to provide a hub for members to share insights based on their experiences in seeking out and practicing careers with a conscience. Furthermore, this group engages its members as mentors/mentees – especially, for alumnae to mentor one another and to mentor students. Our vision is that it will be a dynamic network which engages people within the larger Wellesley Community in learning and practicing ways in which they can be socially and environmentally mindful with their work.

Wellesley College alumnae are well-regarded for their success in various fields and industries. Moreover, we share a common sense of responsibility to serve, protect and cultivate aspects of our world that may go beyond our chosen professions. We welcome you to our community in hopes that you discover ways in which you can both participate and benefit from this network.

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