Fossil-Free Wellesley is a group that began in 2013.  We are pushing Wellesley to divest our endowment from fossil-fuel companies that destroy the environment, endanger our health and represent the short-term, profit-driven vision that the solidarity economy seeks to replace.

We are reigniting the movement on campus to join the momentum of the numerous campaigns across the United States and the world and make the moral statement that universities cannot prepare their students for the future if they are supporting companies that make money by destroying this very future.

Fossil Free Wellesley has been active for years, but recently, we have reignited the movement and sought to gain knowledge from the leaders of Fossil Free who are graduating!  We hosted a meeting in El Table that sought to gather the core team of Fossil Free Wellesley leaders who started the movement their sophomore year, and the new interested folks in the movement!  Thus, we sought to have a meeting in order to connect the former leaders of the movement with the future, the young students who are passionate about divestment.

Below, you find a brief summary of our project, as well as some information about divestment.

Divestment and Sustainability

Fossil Free Wellesley doesn’t stop here.  As we take our steps towards the 2016/2017 year, we are aware that Wellesley is turning a new leaf.  We hope to make strides with our incoming new President Johnson who we are so happy to welcome to Wellesley.


Get involved!!

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