Wellesley College Bartering Group

From Facebook

Welcome to the Wellesley College Bartering Group!

Here, you can trade/share/give away items/services for other items/services


To create a solidarity economy and a sustainable environment that makes it easier to recycle our items and provide services to each other. By limiting the things you buy, you are helping reduce the waste produced. *Note: this is an experimental project put on by the Econ 243 (Political Economy of Race, Class, Gender). Suggestions are readily accepted and feedback is highly recommended.

How it works:

1. Describe (or post a picture) of the item you hope to trade/share/give away or the services you can provide

2. Specify what you would want to trade it for (ex. a ride to Natick Mall for pie & cookies)

3. Wait. Others will look through posts and contact you offering good/services in exchange.

—————————- RULES ——————————

1. No $money$ involved (if looking to sell, please refer to the Free & For Sale Group)
2. Keep the posts appropriate
3. Be respectful
4. And lastly, NO SPAM



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