Wellesley (Dis)Orientation Guide

The aim of this Disorientation Guide is to inform members of the Wellesley community about Wellesley’s histories, stories, and activisms that students generally don’t receive information about. This guide was first started by Rachel Kisken in May 2018, and contributed by Prapti Koirala, Diana Lam, and Dhanya Nageswaran in May 2019. The guide goes through Wellesley’s Colonial History, and specifically focuses on Divestment, Ethnic Studies, LGBTQIA+ rights, and Disability Accommodations at this institution.

Access the entire guide here!

Message from Rachel: This guide was made to set the stage for a future Wellesley disorientation guide that includes more collaborations and statements from different orgs. This current tells the story of different student activism and tools Wellesley has to promote social good. 


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