Solidarity Economy Presentation

Our final project was a presentation event to the general Wellesley College community introducing and explaining the Inequality processes, Solidarity processes, critiques of Neoliberalism and finance, production and consumption in the Solidarity Economy. We created a PowerPoint, a handout and a feedback form. The PowerPoint was used to provide a visual aid to the audience, so that they can better follow the topics we were presenting about. The handout was used to provide an additional resource which the audience members could take with them to recall the main ideas of our presentation at a later stage. The feedback form was used to helps us assess the audience’s reactions to our presentation and how our presentation might have affected them and inspired them to further the movement towards Solidarity. Our main goal was to help the audience start their questioning and envisioning processes towards Solidarity.

Solidarity Economy Presentation PowerPoint

Event Handout

Event Feedback Form

Event Spam Poster




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