A Child’s Guide to Inequality and Solidarity

The first few years of a child’s life are some of the most important.  What we learn during these years sets the stage for the rest of our lives. Studies have shown that children with inadequate levels of social and emotional functioning are increasingly recognized as central to many public health problems (e.g., substance abuse, obesity, violence). Additionally, students who weren’t as socially competent were more likely to dropout of school, go to juvenile hall, or need government assistance. It is clear that developing a child’s sense of empathy and compassion is integral to schooling and childhood.

We hoped to spread the values of the solidarity economy and the solidarity processes to children. We created our book “A Child’s Guide to Inequality and Solidarity” to do this. The book goes step by step through the solidarity processes by giving a range of scenarios that children can relate to. We do this in hopes that the reader will take steps to spread positive change.

Click the links below to take a look at the final version of the book, an audio recording of it, and a more thorough examination of its contents.


Audiobook: Children’s Book Audio

Presentation: Project Presentation

Write up: Write-up


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