Making A Difference After Wellesley

For our solidarity project, we wanted to create alumnae profiles that illustrate the numerous types of career paths that alumnae have taken that align with solidaristic values. We were motivated to pursue this project when we  noticed that the main career paths publicized on campus are in technology, finance, and government, without necessarily celebrating alums who have incorporated social justice into their work; therefore, our goal was to highlight other job possibilities for students that align with the solidarity economy, but are less well known (with that in mind, we still highlighted some solidaristic careers within those fields as well). We want this project to encourage a shift from inequality to solidarity on campus by introducing students to career paths that will allow them to hold on to their values and make a difference in the world through their work; we hope current and future students will learn from the example of the alumnae that we profiled in this document.

Thanks to the Wellesley network, we were able to reach out to a great number of alums in diverse fields, and, because of their generosity and flexibility, were able to interview them to get more developed profiles of their post-Wellesley paths. The following work is the resulting visual and informational directory that came from those interviews. We begin with a sampling of advice we received from our group of alums, to give the reader a preview of what’s to come and set the tone for the rest of the directory. Following that are the individual profiles, which are listed alphabetically in the table of contents and coded according to the fields of interest they fall under.


Finally, we want to end by emphasizing that this work is not meant to be complete; there are thousands of alums whose work could be profiled here, but we’re only two people with a time limit. We hope that future students will be inspired by this effort and continue to contribute to it, so that we can build a solidaristic Wellesley community, on and off campus.

Alumnae Making a Difference


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