Sustainable Recipes

What does it mean?

You might be wondering – why all these labels for food? Environmentally friendly and sustainable food usually consists of produce from local farmer’s markets. This way, we as consumers can support our local farmers in providing us with nutritious food. However, there is more to it. Environmentally friendly food also consists of food and ingredients that are especially good for our environment – here are some examples:

There has been a growing concern over the meat industry’s effects on global warming. The massive amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and other greenhouse gases that the meat industry produces each year is detrimental to the environment (for more information, click here)  However, if going green and vegan is simply not an option, then consider these tips.


For beef, go grass-fed: cows that eat their natural food source– grass– often produces tastier meat and healthier animals. The practices involved are held up to sustainable standards as well


Enjoy a sweet forbidden black rice and spicy flank steak salad


Have some oysters!  Oysters will only grow in clean and sustainable waters – thus oyster farming is inherently eco-friendly. Oysters are also filter feeders so they do not need additional food and they clean the water. AND they are delicious too.

Grilled oysters with Siracha Lime Butter – yum.


If you like shrimp, go for the American wild shrimps: this method is the most eco-friendly option. On the go? Make yourself a delicious shrimp and chorizo sandwich.


Shrimp and chorizo sandwich.


Be picky about your chicken! Go for free-range, organic chicken whenever possible. Normal chicken raising practices consists of being crowded in filthy cages and painful debeakings. They are also fed with diet that is high in hormones and anitbiotics.Feeling Chinese?


Homestyle Gong Bao Ji ding will deter your craving for fast food Chinese.


Don’t waste anything! Make soup with animal bones, eat the organs, and be adventurous with your food.

liver pate

Tuscan Chicken Liver Pate

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