Wellesley College Tuition Spike

From the 2018 to 2019 school year, there is a 4.8% increase in tuition due to a budget deficit. Ally Neumann and Manize Rahman, students from the Spring 2018 Econ 243 class, conducted research on this tuition spike, which included talking with the head of the Budget Advisory Committee and gathering a collection of student concerns by organizing a fireside chat attended by over 50 students. We then created an infographic with the data we gathered and shared it with the entire College to then obtain student worries regarding the increase via survey. Finally, we created an open letter that compiles all of the students’ opinions and presented some tangible solutions. The letter and student responses were then shared with the BAC with hopes to incorporate student voices in future financial decisions. The goal of this project is to not only break down the hierarchy that exists between top administration and students, but also narrow the gap between students since those who will be bearing the burden of this increase are in general on the cusp of receiving aid or middle income students. Below you will find some our project’s deliverables:

Fireside Chat Discussion Notes 

Open Letter Regarding Wellesley Tuition Increase


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