B Corporations from A to Z

These days, there’s a lot of noise about which corporations are transparent/not transparent, socially-conscious/not socially-conscious, ethical/unethical, and so on. If you have ever wished you could just search through a simple database of the really good ones, do we have a treat for you! B Corporations (the B stands for “benefit”) seek to contribute to the well-being of society and the environment by taking the high road when making business decisions. Right now, there are almost 700 certified corporations in this community. B Corps are redefining the role of corporations in the world today, and we hope that their leadership will inspire an even more massive movement. On their website, you can learn more about the movement, search through a database to read the mission and vision of each corporation, and view impact reports that provide quantitative data about each corporation’s positive contributions to society and the environment.

You’ve probably already heard of a few Certified B Corporations: Etsy, Patagonia, King Arthur Flour, Seventh Generation, Method, Ben & Jerry’s, Warby Parker, Cabot Cheese, and Dansko, among many others. If you’re excited about what they’re doing (or not doing — i.e. destroying the world), follow them on your preferred social media sites to stay in touch and support their business!

[article header photo credit: http://www.bcorporation.net]


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